How To Choose A DJ Name: 9 Useful Tips For Choosing A Memorable Handle

Your DJ name is your brand. It's how you'll be known to your fans, and it's a big part of your professional identity. So it's important to choose a name that you're comfortable with and that you can see yourself using for years to come.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you're choosing your DJ name.

How To Choose A DJ Name: 9 Useful Tips For Choosing A Memorable Handle

1. Your Real Name

1. Your Real Name

This is usually the first consideration to make, will you use your real name? If you have a common name, or if you're not particularly attached to your birth name, then using a pseudonym can be a great way to make your brand more memorable.

On the other hand, if you have an uncommon name or if you're hoping to build personal connections with your fans, then using your real name can be a good choice.

There are pros and cons to both approaches, so it's really up to you which route you want to go.

2. Think About Your Niche When Choosing Your DJ Name

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Consider your niche; although most DJs are versatile and can play a range of genres, it can be helpful to have a name that's associated with a particular style of music. This can make you more memorable to fans of that genre, and it can help you attract bookings from promoters who are looking for that specific sound.

If you're a versatile DJ who enjoys playing all kinds of music, then a more general name might be a good choice. But if you have a particular niche that you're known for, like hip-hop or EDM, then incorporating that into your name can help you attract the right kind of fans.

Remember, your DJ name is part of your brand, so make sure it accurately reflects the kind of music you play.

3. Your Personality

Your DJ name should also reflect your personality. After all, people will remember you not just for the music you play but also for the energy and excitement you bring to your sets.

So if you're a fun-loving person with a great sense of humor, then choose a name that reflects that.

But if you're more serious and introspective, then don't force yourself to choose a cutesy or funny name just because it's trendy. The most important thing is that your DJ name feels true to who you are as a person.

4. Keep It Short, Sweet, and Easy to Remember. 

Remember, your name is going to be shouted out over the noise of a club or festival, so you want something that's easy for people to remember and pronounce.

Avoid using numbers or special characters in your name, as they can be difficult for people to remember (and can also create problems when trying to search for you online). 

We speak all about the importance of social media marketing for artists, and reducing friction in the search process is critical to being found online. So make sure your name is easy to remember, spell, and search for.

5. Make Sure It's Unique. 

You want your DJ name to be memorable, but you don't want it to be so unique that no one can pronounce it or spell it correctly.

When choosing a name, do a quick Google search to make sure there aren't already hundreds of other DJs with the same name (or variations of the same name). 

6. Your DJ Name Should Be Memorable

Your DJ Name Should Be Memorable

A good DJ name is Memorable. It's easy to remember, it's catchy, and it's unique. There are a lot of DJs out there, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a name that will make people remember you. A good DJ name can also help you build a brand. If your name is memorable, it will be easier for people to find you online and connect with your music.

7. Try To Avoid Controversy

7. Try To Avoid Controversy

When choosing a DJ name, you'll want to avoid anything that could be considered offensive or inflammatory. This means steering clear of anything that could be remotely controversial.

While you might think a certain name is funny or clever, it's not worth risking offending someone and losing potential listeners. It's better to play it safe and choose a name that everyone can enjoy. Just remember, when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

8. Do Some Brainstorming 

Sit down with a pen and paper and brainstorm some potential names. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind, no matter how silly it might seem at first.

Once you have a good list of potential names, you can start narrowing it down by considering the factors above. 

9. Get Feedback 

9. Get Feedback 

Once you've narrowed down your list of potential names, get some feedback from family and friends.

They might be able to help you see things from a different perspective or point out any problems with certain names that you might not have considered before. 

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