Drakes Tattoos Explained 👀 Who-What-Why-When?

Drake is that artist that can do no wrong in the music industry's eyes. He makes hit after hit, collaborates with everybody, switches genres like nobodies business, and has been wildly successful since he first dropped Best I Ever Had, and Thank Me Later (2010).

Whenever we have a super successful artist, we want to take them apart and unravel what makes them who they are.

What inspires them…

And for Drake, he seems to wear his inspiration on his body.

Yes, the tattoo covered singer-rapper leaves nothing to the imagination and gives his inpiration the kudos they deserve by giving them a space on his body.

So lets look at Drake's tattoos, now.

Who has he had etched into his skin and why?

drakes tattoos

1. Sade

Drake has two tattoos of the amazing singer, Sade. You may know of her 1985 hit song, The Sweetest Taboo

Drake actually has two tattoos of Sade's face on his torso. He as mentioned in interviews he has always been completely “mesmerized by her”, and that he met her during his European tour.

2. Aaliyah

The beautiful Aaliyah passed away at age 21 from a plane crash. Like most of us, Drake shares an obsession with her and decided to dedicate a tattoo to her despite never having met her.

He has always loved Aaaliyah.

3. Lil Wayne

He definitely got clowned for this one, most people thought it was weird. I mean, a huge tattoo of another rapper on your body?

But, Drake has a tattoo of Lil Wayne on his tricep. He wanted to show the rapper respect and appreciation for recognising his talent and signing him to Young Money in 2009.

4. Producer '40'

Drake got a tattoo of his producer and close friend, Noah “40” Shebib, to honor their strong bond and the significant impact “40” has had on his music career.

“40” has been instrumental in shaping Drake's unique sound by creating beats and melodies that perfectly complement the rapper's introspective lyrics.

The tattoo, located on Drake's left side, serves as a permanent tribute to their friendship and successful creative partnership.

5. His Uncle

Drake paid homage to his late uncle with a tattoo of him on his back.

The tattoo is of his uncle hugging his mother (Drake's grandmother, Evelyn Sher)who also holds a significant space in his heart and has her own tattoo.

In his song “Look What You've Done,” Drake acknowledges his uncle's pivotal role in his rise to stardom in the music industry.

Beyond his professional influence, Drake's uncle served as a father figure following his parents' divorce when he was just five years old.

For Drake, this tattoo of his uncle represents the guidance, support, and love that his uncle provided throughout his upbringing and in his pursuit of a successful career in music.

Mother, Grandmother, and Father

We have also pointed out Drake's tattoos of his mother, father and his grandmother on his back.

rake has several tattoos that pay tribute to his mother, father, and grandmother, showcasing the importance of family in his life.


  • A detailed portrait tattoo of his mother, Sandi Graham, on his back, depicting her in her younger years.
  • Her initials “SG” tattooed under his left eye as a symbol of his love and respect for her.


  • A tattoo of his father Dennis Graham's mugshot on the back of his upper right arm, obtained in 2014.
  • An equal sign tattoo next to a smiling portrait of Drake as a child, located above the tattoo of his father's mugshot, possibly representing their reconciliation after a strained relationship following his parents' divorce.


  • A portrait tattoo of his grandmother, Evelyn Sher, on his back, alongside the portraits of his mother and late uncle Steve.