Does Adele Write Her Own Music?

Adele has been asked the question, “Do you write your songs?”, for as long as she has been making music. For as long as people have asked her that question, she has answered the same way: of course. 

There is nothing like Adele's music when it comes to making people feel good. Is it true, though?

In the same way that Taylor Swift or Bono are songwriters, is Adele a songwriter? Or does she mostly just sing other people's songs? Does she sit down with a guitar and work out melodies and lyrics? 

The purpose of this post is to examine the evidence and to answer the question, ‘Does Adele write her own music?’ Find out the answer to your question by reading on!

Does Adele Write Her Own Music?

Does Adele Write Her Own Music?

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Absolutely. It is no surprise that Adele has written most of the songs she has released given that she is first and foremost a songwriter.

During Adele's time at the BRIT School of Performing Arts, she had an interest in going into the artist and repertoire (A&R) department, which is responsible for scouting for talents for record labels as well as overseeing the artistic development of artists.

Adele's Songwriting Technique: How Did She Learn?

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Listening to and studying the work of other artists helped Adele learn how to write her own songs. Among the songwriters and producers, she has cited as influences is Ryan Tedder. 

As she explained to The New York Times in an interview, she “wasn't very good at writing songs” a few years ago, but that she “learned a lot by listening to other artists.” She added that she “learned a lot from Tedder, who is known for his work with OneRepublic.”

Adele has also stated that her own life experiences inspire her along with learning from other artists. Rolling Stone reported that she writes “about what I'm going through, whether that's an issue I've just dealt with or one I've had for a long time.” She explained that she finds songwriting to be “therapeutic” and an exercise in making sense of things.

What Instruments Does Adele Play?

What Instruments Does Adele Play?

When Adele was in her teens, she spent most of her time playing the guitar and singing to her friends in Brockwell Park in London.

Although Adele can play the piano, she reportedly isn't very good at it. Her voice may be accompanied by other people's beautiful backing tracks in songs such as ‘Hometown Glory'.

The same can be said for Adele who, with “Hello,” did not play drums with a high level of expertise.

Are Adele’s Songs Still Being Written?

There is still new music being written and recorded by Adele. Greg Kurstin and Danger Mouse are among the producers and songwriters she has worked with. Adele said her new album would be a “make-up record” about motherhood. According to her, her new music will be more personal and reflective than her previous works.

Is Adele a Songwriter for Other Artists?

Is Adele a Songwriter for Other Artists?

Yes, of course. As well as writing songs for other artists like Coldplay's Chris Martin, Sia, and Beyonce, Adele has written songs for other artists.

There is a story going around that she and Bruno Mars wrote the song ‘All I Ask' from 25 in just 48 hours. 

From Sia's 2016 album This Is Acting, she wrote the hit track ‘Alive.'

All Four of Adele’s Albums Were Written by Her, Right?

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Aside from her impressive vocal range and powerful voice, Adele is also an accomplished songwriter; she's credited as a writer on nearly every song that is featured on her albums.

Although the Grammy-winning singer rarely plays an instrument while performing, she is capable of playing the guitar, drums, and piano (though she isn't a pro). Previously, she has played these instruments.

On her debut album, Adele wrote every single song (except for the song she covered by Bob Dylan titled “Make You Feel My Love”). Half of the album's 12 songs were come up with by the British singer alone; other collaborators include Clay Holley, Nick Movshon, Jeff Silverman, Leon Michels, Sacha Skarbek, and Eg White.

It was Adele and Eg who co-wrote one of the biggest singles of Adele's career, “Chasing Pavements”, which has gained her recognition throughout the world, having worked with artists on a variety of projects such as Celine Dion, Ellie Goulding, Florence and the Machine, P!nk, and many more.

However, it has proved to be a preference of Adele's to work with talented songwriters such as Paul Epworth, Max Martin, Greg Kurstin, and Inflo since her debut album.

The albums “21” and “25” feature a long list of songwriters, but for her most recent project “30,” most of the tracks were written by Inflo and Greg.

What Is Adele’s Net Worth?

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Celebrity Net Worth estimates Adele's worth at $220 million (£180 million).

While Adele's net worth doesn't tell the whole story, fans are still curious about how much she makes right now.

Concerts are one of the many sources of income for the acclaimed artist.

The amount Adele makes per concert does not appear to be the same, but it does look like she gets paid millions. 

The presale tickets alone for Adele's Las Vegas residency, ‘Weekends with Adele,' brought in $50 million, according to Billboard.

In addition, she is likely to make a lot of money at her performance at Hyde Park this weekend.

Despite not releasing an album or going on tour, Adele still managed to earn over $120,000 per day alone in 2018 alone, even though she has not released an album or gone on tour. 

Melted Stone Publishing Ltd. is one of her main profit-making ventures. By selling lyrics and sheet music, the record label allows the singer to earn income other than the income she earns from the sale of albums and concert tickets.

By way of example, in 2018, she took home a personal dividend of $8 million from the company. 

The music icon has amassed an impressive fortune, but what exactly has she done with it?

In 2021, Adele paid $58 million for Sylvester Stallone's Beverly Park mansion, as well as an enormous £9 million estate in West Sussex. 


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