Choosing The Best Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpiece: 4 Top Choices & 1 To AVOID!

If you are in the market for a good contrabass clarinet mouthpiece, you have come to the right place. In my own searches, I noticed it is near impossible to find a good information source to help you make the right decision, so I have written this guide! I found it quite interesting that stores do not tell you what you should be looking out for and what you should avoid – they just promote all mouthpieces as equal! They are not…

When looking for the best contrabass mouthpiece, these are the key things you should be taking into consideration:

  • Will it suit different styles of music?
  • Does it offer a good response in all registers?
  • Does it allow a pianissimo attack in high notes?
  • How flexible is it? Does it allow the legato or staccato execution of long intervals whilst conserving a rich tone that gives body and clarity to the sound?
Choosing The Best Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpiece: 4 Top Choices & 1 To AVOID!

At A Glance: 4 Best Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpiece Options

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  • D'Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
  • Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece, Standard Series
  • Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece
  • Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece

Whichever mouthpiece you decide to go with, be sure to grab a pack of mouthpiece cushions. I find they help tremendously with the comfort and alleviation of that irritating rattling vibration you get. They are cheap and will last forever if you get a pack of 160, just peel off and replace them.

1. D'Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

D'Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, X0

I was skeptical when I first heard about D'Addario's Reserve line of mouthpieces. I've tried many different mouthpieces over the years, and I always seem to come back to my old standby. But I decided to give the Reserve Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpiece a try anyway, and boy, was I glad I did!

The craftsmanship is impeccable; the mouthpiece is made from a unique proprietary hard rubber that delivers an unparalleled consistency in tone.

The design team consisting of top players, craftsmen, and engineers really hit it out of the park with this one.

It's available in four different facings and two different pitch systems, offering an array of resistance options for clarinetists of all ages, abilities, and geographic locations.

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2. Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece, Standard Series

The Yamaha 4C is one of the best contrabass clarinet mouthpiece on the market, and I would highly recommend it to any beginner or intermediate player.

The sound is extremely high quality and consistent, and it's very easy to get a good sound out of even if you're just starting out. I would definitely say that this mouthpiece is a runner up!

This mouthpiece is made from safe and durable phenol resin plastic and it produces an extremely high quality and consistent sound. It was designed by Yamaha so that even a beginner can make a terrific sound, and I think they did an amazing job!

Yamaha 4C Clarinet Mouthpiece, Standard Series

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3. Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece

Vandoren Clarinet Mouthpiece (CM1405)

As any musician knows, the right mouthpiece can make all the difference in your sound. That's why so many top musicians choose Vandoren mouthpieces. Vandoren is a leading name in woodwind mouthpieces, and the Black Diamond Ebonite is one of their most popular models.

With its unique chamber, the Black Diamond Ebonite produces a sound that is clear, deep and full of presence. It's also perfectly tuned, so you'll never have to worry about intonation issues.

If you want a mouthpiece that will help you take your playing to the next level, the Black Diamond Ebonite is a great choice. You won't be disappointed!

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4. Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece

Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece

If you're looking for a good quality clarinet mouthpiece on a budget, the Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece is a great option. The design of the Debut allows for a stronger reed, promoting better embouchure and air habits.

Each Debut contrabass clarinet mouthpiece is also hand-finished and play-tested to ensure consistency. The close facing of the mouthpiece provides good resistance and focus to the sound, resulting in better muscular development of the embouchure.

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Avoid This Contrabass Clarinet Mouthpiece

When you're shopping for a contrabass clarinet mouthpiece, it's important to choose one that will provide you with the best possible breath support. Otherwise, you'll be struggling to get enough air into your lungs, and you won't be able to produce a full, rich sound.

One of the main things you are looking out for in a good contrabass clarinet mouthpiece is whether or not it has a wide bore. This will allow more air to flow into your lungs with each breath.

The second thing to look for is a deep cup; avoid mouthpieces with a shallow cut. A deep cut will help to focus the air stream and prevent it from dispersing too widely.

And, lastly, make sure that the mouthpiece is comfortable to hold in your mouth – there are mouthpiece cushions you can buy for this, in any case, but, an uncomfortable mouthpiece means you'll find yourself constantly adjusting your position and losing precious breath in the process.

You might be tempted to, based on the price alone, but I do not recommend the OriGlam Portable Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece. The sound it produces is noticeably different in quality when compared to that of the Vandoren, Yamaha or the D'Addario. Not only that, but the mouthpiece is very hard and uncomfortable- I wouldn't even recommend it for a fancy dress gig…

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