These Are The 7 Best Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee ([Year])

Looking for the best recording studios in Memphis, Tennessee? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of high-quality and feature-rich recording studios in the state.

You will not find a more thorough list on the internet, we have been sure to include everything to help you narrow down your search.

These Are The 7 Best Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee ([Year])

Young Avenue Sound

young avenue sound These Are The 7 Best Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee

If you’re looking for a studio that comes with a rich history of making music, then Young Avenue sound is your best bet. This studio offers state-of-the-art studio rentals and services, ensuring that you get the best of the best when it comes to recording and producing music.

Young Avenue Sound’s studio was built by Alan Stewart who is famously known for building personal studios for Pink Floyd, Electric Lady for Jimi Hendrix, and the Penthouse Suite for Abbey Road in London, UK.

When it comes to production and recording, Young Avenue Sound has a team of wonderful engineers who have a passion for music. Many of their clients give praise towards the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, making their experience smooth, fun, and entertaining.

The studio has an array of high-class equipment that levels up the experience of recording and producing music. You can choose from their extensive collection of microphones and amps and figure out which one is tailored to your style of music, it’s guaranteed you’ll find one here!

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Overall, Young Avenue Sound is a great studio for recording sessions and producing music. From their wonderful staff to the amazing equipment provided, it’s no wonder this studio gets a lot of positive reviews.



2258 Young Avenue, Memphis, TN

RecordingContact for more information
MixingContact for more information
MasteringContact for more information
ProductionContact for more information
TrackingContact for more information
Voiceover WorkContact for more information
Radio Ad SpotsContact for more information
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American Recording Studio

American Recording Studio

Established in 1967, American Recording Studio has been dedicated to helping a lot of inspiring musicians and talented artists bring their creative dreams to life. This was the first-ever studio that was built from the ground up with its intent of being a recording studio.

American Recording Studio has been a home for many world-known artists such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, and many more. But don’t let the big names scare you away, they may be an elite recording studio, but they welcome anyone with open arms.

Their team of sound engineers and producers is very professional and extremely helpful, ensuring that you get the best experience in their studio. American Recording Studio definitely shows that they care about the people and it’s not just about the money.

The studio is well-equipped with the finest equipment, they make sure that their arsenal has the highest quality of microphones, EQs, compressors, amplifiers, bass amps, instruments, and many more. They remain 100% transparent about it and are thoroughly maintained.

Choosing American Recording Studio as your next place for recording and producing won’t bring any disappointments and is pretty much worth it!



2272 Deadrick Ave, Memphis, TN 38114

RecordingE-mail for more information
MixingE-mail for more information
Processing/Echo Chambers$100 per song
Studio RentalE-mail for more information

Ardent Studios

Arena Studio

Home of some of the most passionate engineers that you’ll come across in Memphis, Ardent Studios never fails to disappoint in bringing the best music in the state. The studio provides audio recording, mixing, and production that comes with their state-of-the-art equipment.

Not only does Ardent Studios offer recording and producing sessions, since this studio has been built in the early ’60s, they also give out tours for the curious history buffs who love to know more about its past.

Ardent Studios is equipped with the finest selection of microphones, consoles, keyboards, amplifiers, and a whole lot more. This makes one’s creative process much more attainable since it’s highly likely that you’ll find your dream studio gear with their arsenal of equipment.

The studio also takes pride in having some of the best sound engineers in the state. Their staff is composed of highly professional and bright, creative individuals. Ardent Studios is also known to have a historic past so the people working there are able to give informative tours of the studio.

Many are amazed and extremely satisfied with their experience with Ardent Studios. It’s no wonder they get a lot of good reviews online, so if you’re interested in working with them, then you’re bound to have a positive experience as well.



2000 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

Services & Costs:

Audio RecordingE-mail for more information
MixingE-mail for more information
ProductionE-mail for more information
Video GamesE-mail for more information
Film & TelevisionE-mail for more information

Sam Phillips Recording Studio

Sam Phillips Recording Studio

If you don’t know who Sam Phillips is, he’s one of the most important producers in rock history, and to be able to record in his studio would be considered an honor to most music fanatics. Established in 1960, Sam Phillips Recording Studio has been providing opportunities for every aspiring artist out there.

This established and credibly-sourced studio has been a home for many recognizable artists, but you don’t have to be a Grammy winner to be able to record here! This historical piece of art is also open to tours so that one can learn more about the history of the studio.

Their curated team of highly-trained individuals will make you feel like family, which is why booking a session here at Sam Phillips Recording Studio is guaranteed to give you a pleasant experience all throughout!

Sam Phillips Recording Studio also offers high-class studio equipment to ensure one gets the greatest quality when it comes to recording and producing music.

Overall, choosing Sam Phillips Recording Studio as your studio of choice is a great option whether you’re an artist or a newbie–their team of friendly engineers got your back!



639 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38103

Services & Costs:

Studio RentalE-mail for more information
ProductionE-mail for more information
MixingE-mail for more information

One Sound Studio

One Sound Studio

One Sound Studios was established back in 2009 with a mission of providing high-quality professional music without the hefty price tag. Don’t let the affordable prices fool you–they ensure that they are still able to deliver the best mixing and production for your music and provide an amazing experience at the same time.

They provide multiple studios and offer a range of impeccable recording equipment. Each studio is equipped with a different set of gear so make sure to research which microphone and amplifier you’ll be needing as you can reserve a slot for the specific studio that tailors to your needs.

Aside from their collection of high-quality equipment, another outstanding factor that One Sound Studio has is its lovely team of enthusiastic and professional individuals. The studio’s staff has received a lot of positive comments and high praises for how helpful they can be. 

One Sound Studio has made its mark in the recording industry, despite not having a historical past compared to other studios, this particular studio is setting new standards and opening more opportunities for those who want to create music but can’t afford to pay too much,



301 South Parkway West, Memphis, TN 38109

Studio A$60 for 1 hour
Studio B$60 for 1 hour
Studio C$60 for 1 hour
Studio D$60 for 1 hour
Mix House (Studio E)$75 for 1 hour
Mixing$30 per song$60 per hour
Mastering$45 per song
Video Space$60 per hour (Studios A-D)$75 per hour (Studio E)
Music Distribution$50 for a single$100 for an album
Performance Track$45 per song$60 per hour
Radio Edit$35 per song

Royal Studios

Royal Studios

Despite its unsuccessful history as a theater, Royal Studios has been thriving ever since its conversion into a studio. Royal Studios is considered as one of the oldest operating recording studios that continues to host talents such as Rod Stewart, John Mayer, and many more.

The studio is equipped with a variety of high-class equipment, ensuring that the music being produced is up to one’s standards. There’s no room for disappointment when you record with Royal Studios.

Besides the equipment, the staff exceeds the expectations for most people that choose to record here. Royal Studios takes pride in having the most informative, helpful, and friendly engineers who will help you along every step of the way.

The staff knows exactly which works best for the kind of music you want to record, so it’s safe to say that a team of experts got you covered. Many artists praise the studio for its excellent sound quality, producing great music every time.

Royal Studios won’t leave you any room for regrets, they’ve handled the best of the best and they’ll make sure you get the same experience too.



1320 Willie Mitchell Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38106

Studio RentalContact for more information
RecordingContact for more information
ProducingContact for more information
MixingContact for more information

Studio Plug Memphis

Studio Plug Memphis

Studio Plug Memphis is a professional recording studio that caters to all aspiring musicians and artists in the state. The studio offers a comfortable space and affordable rates while providing high-quality sound mixing.

The studio ensures that the place is always well-kept and cleaned, keeping in mind everyone’s safety. This lets the individuals recording feel safe and secure while making music.

Many have shared their positive experiences about Studio Plug Memphis’ staff and studio equipment. Their sound engineers are professional, highly-trained, and supportive enough to make sure that your recording session goes according to plan and your music receives the best treatment it deserves.

It’s no wonder this studio has a high rating online, a lot of talented individuals have considered this studio to be their second home as they keep returning to this place to record more music.

If you’re looking for an affordable studio that still produces high-quality music, then Studio Plug Memphis has got you covered!



2600 Poplar Ave, Memphis TN 38112

Studio Recording$50 for 1 hour$125 for 3 hours$200 for 5 hours
Full Mixing/Mastering$50 per song
Radio Edits$20 per song
Appointment Deposit$25

Don't Forget Your Recording Session Essentials…

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